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Greenwich CSD

UHS Science Symposium Entries

Amazing Things Come from Experimentation


2020 Annual Science Symposium

Greenwich Jr/Sr High School

June 15th 2020

Senior Division

David Gabriel

An Investigation Into the Properties of Varicolored Copper (II) Oxide Nanoparticle Doped Silica Aerogels

Matthew Ginart

The Effect of Hydroponically Grown Watercress on Nitrogen Levels in Water From Local Manure Ponds

William Hamilton

An Investigation Into Varying Materials and Their Function for Concentrating Solar Technologies

Callagh Mays

Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Effects on the Hydrolysis of P-Nitrophenylphosphate

Alexandra Holmes



Junior Division

Sophia Boice

Putting Roads on a Low Salt Diet: The Effect of Various Agricultural By-Products Used for Deicers on Seed Germination

Noah Davis

Building a Better Knee

Jack Fortier

The Effect of Bacteria on our Clothes from Dryers

Caroline Kelly

The Effect of Road Salt on Early Cabbage Growth and Germination

Keira Kirk

Using Peppermint Oil and Soapy Water to See If it Has an Effect on Termites

Honora LaRock

Mycoremediation, Testing the Effectiveness of Pleurotus Ostreatus to Remediate Glyphosate Contaminated Soils

Kylie Lundberg

The Effect of Climate Change on The Transmission of Sunlight Through an Algal Bloom

Elizabeth Marci

The Effect of Artificial Light on the Growth of Soybeans

Simone Waters

Bacterial Composting: The Effect of Added Bacteria on Compost Efficiency