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The trouble call we get most often is where the Smartboard and computer aren’t communicating with each other
(blinking green light or solid red light on right side of Smartboard)
In order to avoid situations where the Smartboard is not detected and / or the display on your computer is not cloned to the Smartboard, SmartTech advises that it is imperative that the proper start-up sequence be utilized.
Correct start-up sequence: Always start the Smartboard projector BEFORE powering up the computer.
1. Power down your system if it is already running.
2. Turn on the projector.
3. Turn on the computer and any peripheral devices.
If you have a solid green light on the Smartboard (indicating that it is talking to the computer) but no display on the Smartboard,
the most likely culprit is the changing of the input to something other than the computer.
Someone may have accidentally pressed the input selector on the remote or the board itself…
Press the input button until you see ‘VGA’ –┬áBUT BE SURE TO┬áPAUSE each time to give the board a chance to detect the computer.
If nothing appears after several seconds press it again to go on to the next input option.
Another possibility is that the computer has lost the ‘clone’ setting that tells it to display whatever’s on your screen on the Smartboard…
The first thing to try is rebooting your computer. If that doesn’t work, please contact a member of the Technology Team.
One other call we’ve been receiving is where you’re seeing the school logo on the Smartboard but nothing else or something other than what’s on your all-in-one’s screen…
In 2014 we began replacing our regular desktops with Dell all-in-ones which have a different video configuration
which allows you to EXTEND your all-in-one display to the Smartboard as opposed to cloning it.
The advantage to this was that you could have a Smart Notebook file or video showing on the Smartboard AND continue to work on the all-in-one.
It is possible to set this to CLONE as in the past… If you’d like us to change that setting please give us a call.
Here are some other helpful items and resources…