Self Help / Troubleshooting

This page is the technology equivalent of the old child-birthing book ‘What To Do Before the Doctor Comes’…

If you haven’t already, please give us a call FIRST and, if we’re not available (usually on another line or working in rooms),
leave us a message and we’ll look into the issue and contact you as soon as possible.

Then, if you’re so inclined, please browse through this list of common issues and potential solutions.

If you are able to resolve the issue on your own, please give us a call or send an email so we can remove your issue from our list.

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Refer to this checklist for possible solutions to your technical problem before you call for help.
Although some of these possible solutions seem trivial, they are often overlooked.
Check off those problems you have attempted to solve. This will be useful when requesting repair.
Troubleshooting Steps2

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Most importantly…
1) NEVER use the BACK button in the browser to navigate in SchoolTool
2) Never have more than one instance of SchoolTool running at the same time

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The trouble call we get most often is where the Smartboard and computer aren’t communicating with each other
(blinking green light or red light on right side of Smartboard)
In order to avoid situations where the Smartboard is not detected and / or the display on your computer is not cloned to the Smartboard,
SmartTech advises that it is imperative that the proper start-up sequence be utilized.
Correct start-up sequence: Always start the Smartboard projector BEFORE powering up the computer.
1. Power down your system if it is already running.
2. Turn on the projector.
3. Turn on the computer and any peripheral devices.
Verify the light on the right side of the board is on…

Solid green means it’s connected and should be working.
Calibrate the board…

If the Smartboard is connected to an all-in-one desktop BUT the calibration appears on the computer screen rather than the Smartboard,
pressing the calibration button again should move it to the board.

Now calibrate normally and writing and touch should resume on the board.
Blinking green means the Smartboard’s trying to connect
(and may have been turned on AFTER the computer).
A red light means there is no connection or an error…
No light means there is no power to the board
(this is separate from the power to the projector).
Here are some other helpful items and resources…

A few reminders from Area 51…

Always log off at the end of the day…

…so we can apply important patches and upgrades overnight instead of during class time
AND so no one has access to your files or can send email disguised as you.

Leave computers turned on…

…again, so we can apply important patches and upgrades.
We go through and shut everything off Friday nights and start everything up again on Monday mornings.

Lock your computer…

… you can quickly secure your computer by pressing and holding the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping the ‘L’ (for ‘lock’).

tech team
If you need assistance please give us a call or send us an email
Bill Hillebrandt at ext. 5105
‘DJ’ Jeffords at ext. 5102

Joanne Sloan-Haynes at ext. 5104