Welcome to our new website. This is going to be our attempt at organizing our selves for the rest of the year. We will have a calendar with all upcoming events and a general plan of what we will be doing during our meetings. I would like to thank Warren taking up the task of keeping our calendar updated and our website under control. In addition to our calendar we will be posting messages about upcoming events. Please check regular so you will be included in the loop. If you have any questions or suggestions about the website please contact Warren or myself. Thank you for participating in tech crew this year and working with us to make tech crew the best it can be.

Website update!

Hello everyone, we have added some events to the calendar. Not all of the starting and ending times of the events are up to date and accurate. Over the next few days we will try to fine-tune the events to be as accurate as can be.

Hello Tech Club!!

Congratulations on your new website and blog!!

Remember guys and gals, you know you’ve run a smooth event (lights, sound, staging microphones, moving equipment, etc.) when no one knows you were even there!! 🙂