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NYSMSA’s e-Blast

An examination of math resources indicates that very few, if any, are aligned to the Common Core. This means that districts should continue to be very careful about the purchase of resources at this time.

These seven strategies are designed to help teachers meet the needs of all the students in their classes, especially for ELLs.

At the conference on “The Future of Work,” it was predicted that as much as 47% of current jobs in the United States will go away and be replaced by new, different jobs in the next few decades. The world is changing! School must change, too!

A recently published study concludes that PBL has a positive impact on school attendance. It’s evidence of the impact that meaning, relevance, and authentic engagement has on our students.

If your PTA meetings aren’t well attended and seem routine, think about a student-led PTA meeting. Read about what one elementary school did.

While criticism of the changes made to school lunch requirements continues, it looks like students are eating more fruit in school and throwing away less food than they were before the new guidelines went into effect.

Looking for ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month with your students? No need to reinvent the wheel–check out Serving Up MyPlate for fun and easy-to-use materials that integrate nutrition education into Math, Science, ELA and Health.

Larry Ferlazzo does it again, this time with a great collection of resources about Social Emotional Learning.

These “truths” about assessment might be discouraging, but it is very important to understand the purpose of assessment, assessment’s role in instruction, and the limitations. The list is a little humbling, but it is a great list of things to keep in mind (and be honest about).

Next year’s Annual Middle School Conference will be located in the Rochester area on October 22nd-24th. Consider applying to present a practitioner workshop.