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Hello Region 3!

I’m sure I’m not the only one waking up to snow this morning! Winter is certainly here, so bundle up and enjoy these great resources coming to you from NYSMSA!





Jared W. Davis

7-12 Principal

Salem Central School

Phone: 518-854-7600

NYS Middle School Association, Region 3 Director

Twitter: PrincipalJDavis


Don’t forget the “why” behind every plan you make and initiative you undertake. It’s important that the why is understood – it’s what makes change possible. Of course, many of us have seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about this.

Physical activity can decrease the symptoms of ADHD, according to this study. Inattentiveness, moodiness and peer interactions can be positively impacted.

This post from someone working on the Social Studies Toolkit provides an interesting perspective about the changes to social studies.

This cheat sheet will help you stay straight with all the technology and technology education jargon.

Having an authentic audience is one of the essential ingredients of a good project. This column can help you with those partnerships.

In a very frank manner, Eric Sheninger contrasts the way kids learn with the way our schools continue to be organized. He also describes the steps his school took to change.

This video explains why math instruction has changed. You can use this with parents at a math night. Ed Week has gathered their recent articles about Common Core math into a single collection.

If you are taking a good, hard look at the Essential Elements of Standards-Focused Middle-Level Schools and Programs, think about the Essential Elements: Schools-to-Watch program. You can learn from the list of middle-level schools that have been recognized in New York (great schools to visit). If you are thinking about applying, the 2015-2016 materials have just been posted.

Pre-kindergarten is an important part of the birth through 3rd grade continuum. This article offers suggestions for vertical alignment within the primary years.

This infographic contrasts the way we schedule teachers and time with the way we should organize time in schools. The only thing that is stopping us is the status quo.

Although not specifically identified in the Common Core, social-emotional skills contribute to student achievement.

When working on presentation skills with your students (or your own), these simple tips can help.

These videos explain one of the 4 Cs: critical thinking. They do it in a common sense way, with common sense examples, while expressing its importance.

This young high school teacher gives a TEDx talk that is pretty frank about school and its relevance to students. He questions the format of school and it’s orientation to the past rather than the future. He also describes a different path.