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Student Art Service Project

Advanced Studio in Art students participated in the Memory Project again this year .
This is non-profit organization that connects students artists from around the world with impoverished and underprivileged children in difficult situations.
This year our GCS students made portrait paintings of Rohingyan refugees in Malaysia.
Please check out this reception video for a feel good snapshot of how this project impacts kids.
Here are some images of our students’ work including: Madeline Baker, Ashton Brodowsky, Ramona Jordan, Grant Peck, Austin Smith, Emily Steltz, Sophia Traver, and Sayaka Wilbur,
and Carly Rogers.

Meal Delivery Update

Starting next week, April 6th, our meal deliveries will be changed to Mondays and Wednesdays only.  All students will still receive 5 meals per week, 2 meals on Monday and 3 meals on Wednesday. Your delivery time will be 30 minutes later than the current delivery.  Please check each package upon receipt. Some meals may include a note to remind you that they require refrigeration and may need to be pre-heated to 160 degrees.  Also, as a reminder, our survey is still available on our website if you wish to opt in or opt out of the meal program. Thank you and stay safe.

Greenwich Teachers’ Association Delivers Breakfast & Lunch to Essential Workers

On Wednesday, April 1, the Greenwich Teachers’ Association coordinated with district administration delivery of breakfast (donuts and bagels) and lunch (pizza) to the essential workers who are still on the job at Greenwich Central School District.  Thank you to all who are working to maintain and support our school and community during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Parade Canceled

The Greenwich Faculty and Staff had planned an April 2nd vehicle parade in the Greenwich community to wave to students to let them know that they care and miss them while school is closed.  At this time, with the strong stay home recommendations from the Federal and State governments heightened, we are cancelling the event.  Thank you for your support of the district and understanding of this decision.

Greenwich Faculty and Staff Parade

Parade Route   Thursday, 4/2

  • Turn left onto Gray Ave.

  • Make left onto North Road.

  • Turn right into the 2nd Queensgate entrance.  Follow the horseshoe around exiting left back to North Road.

  • Continue straight to Prospect.

  • Make a right onto Cooper.  Follow Cooper back to Gray Ave.

  • Once back to Gray Ave, turn right onto Church Street.

  • Turn a right onto Main Street. Continue straight. Turn around at the Kmart plaza parking lot.

  • Once turned around, follow Main Street back and turn right onto Hill Street.

  • Make 1st right onto Bleeker Street.

  • Turn left onto Academy Street.

  • Make a right onto Corliss.  Then take a left on Corliss Avenue.

  • At the stop sign, turn left onto VanNess.

  • At the next stop sign, turn right to get back on Academy Street.

  • Turn right on Abeel. At the baseball field/Warren Tire, turn left onto Wilson.

  • Turn right onto Wilson.

  • Turn left onto Lark.  Stay on Lark to circle back around to Wilson.

  • Turn right onto Wilson. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Carl.

  • Turn right onto Academy.

  • Turn left onto Snell.

  • Turn left onto Hill.

  • Turn left onto Abeel.

  • At the first stop sign, turn right onto Academy.

  • Turn right onto VanNess.

  • Turn left onto Hill.

  • Take a right on Bleeker.  Follow to Washington.

  • Take a left on Main Street.

  • At the first light, turn right onto Washington to return back to school.

A Message from NYSED

Dear Parents and Educators,
Feeling anxiety amid a global pandemic is normal and natural for everyone. As the adults, it’s critical that we take care of our own mental and physical health, and that will help us to better support our young people. NYSED has compiled numerous resources offering guidance for self-care as well as strategies for talking about COVID-19 honestly and effectively with young people.
Thank you,
The New York State Education Department

COVID-19 Community Sign-Up for Daily Updates from Washington County

Looking to stay updated with the status of COVID-19 in Washington County from Washington County, NY Public Health Department & Washington County, NY – Department of Public Safety? Share this with those in your communities, this will be a publicly available version of our updates for all to stay updated, aware and informed.

Sign up to receive our updates via email 👉 – Updates will go out daily around 4:00 PM.

All official updates and information from Washington County will originate from our Public Health and Public Safety departments and will be posted on our public information page at . Any additional information we post and or share will be vetted and originate from within our own offices, the Center for Disease Control CDC or the NYSDOH – New York State Health Department.


Thank you to all of our key personnel in all the many departments, agencies and organizations across the county that are working to ensure the safety of those in our agencies and communities!

RPI Greater Capital Region Science Fair

RPI Greater Capital Region Science Fair took place virtually on Saturday. More than 20 Greenwich Students participated.

Grand prize winners include: Sophia Boice took second place overall in the junior division for her research entitled: Putting Roads on a Low-Salt Diet: The Effect of Various Agricultural By-Products Used for Deicers on Seed Germination.

Simone Waters took 2nd Honorable Mention in the junior division for her research , Bacterial Composting:

The Effect of Added Bacteria on Compost Efficiency.

And Honora LaRock took 3rd honorable mention in the junior division for her research entitled: Mycoremediation, Testing The Effectiveness of Pleurotus Ostreatus to Remediate

Other winners include

 SI Group Award

David Gabriel, Greenwich Central HS
Project Title: An Investigation into the Properties of Varicolored Copper (II) Oxide Nanoparticle Doped Silica Aerogels.

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Eastern Branch Award

Simone Waters, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: Bacterial Composting:  The Effect of Added Bacteria on Compost Efficiency

National Association of Biology Teachers  (NABT) Award

Honora LaRock, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: Mycoremediation, Testing the Effectiveness of Pleurotus Ostreatus to Remediate Glyphosate Contaminated Soils

National Grid Award

Elizabeth Marci, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Artificial Light on the Growth of Soybeans

Regeneron Award

Jack Fortier, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Bacteria on our Clothes from Dryers

SI Group Award

Arjen Davidson and Joseph Skiff, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: Flocculation Water Treatment

STANYS Eleanor Miller Reed Science Research Award

Ava Aierstok and Eli Buretea-Bloom, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Road Salt on Early Cabbage Growth and Germination

American Meteorological Society Award

Kylie Lundberg, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Climate Change on The Transmission of Sunlight Through an Algal Bloom

Association of Women Geoscientists Award

Sophia Boice, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Various Agricultural Byproducts as Deicers on Seed Germination

DoD STEM Leadership Prize

Ava Aierstok and Eli Burettea-Bloom, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Road Salt on Early Cabbage Growth and Germination

US Metric Award

Caroline Kelly, Greenwich CSD
Project Title: The Effect of Different Lengths of Exposure in 100% Acetone on the Biodegradation of Microplastics

 US Navy Award

Noah Davis, Greenwich CSD
Project Title:  Building a Better Knee

Caroline Kelly, Greenwich CSD

Project Title: The Effects of Different Lengths of Exposure in 100% Acetone on the Biodegradation  in Microplastics

Greenwich Student/Family/School Counselor Scheduling Meetings

March 19, 2020




As a result of the closure of our school/campus, we are developing procedures that will allow us to continue to work on some of the important administrative tasks that need to be completed as we plan and prepare for the 2020-2021 school year (next year).  One of these very important tasks is the student/family/school counselor scheduling meeting. These are the meetings at which our students/families discuss the development of a course schedule for the upcoming school year. During normal times, the vast majority of these meetings would take place with your daughter/son’s school counselor in our Counseling Office.  The current public health crisis will not allow for us to execute these meetings in person for the foreseeable future.


What is outlined below is our plan for how we will conduct our scheduling meetings remotely.  


PLEASE NOTE.  If you have already had your child’s scheduling meeting or have already developed a plan to speak with your child’s counselor about scheduling, please disregard the following.


  • We ask that each of our families have a “meeting” with their child to discuss their 2020-2021 schedule (families with more than one student attending the JSHS next year would need to have one meeting per child).  During each meeting you should identify the courses that your child would like and/or need to take next year. We recommend that you review the information in our Educational Planning Guide to find out more information about each course offered as well as many of our academic policies and procedures.  We also recommend that you identify and prioritize the electives that you would like to take. For example, I might want to take Advanced Studio Art, DDP, Computer Science and/or Vet Science. In that case I would indicate that Computer Science is my first choice, Vet Science is my second choice, Advanced Studio is my third choice and DDP is my fourth choice.  Doing this will help your school counselor as they build an actual schedule for you.


We have posted electronic versions of our 2020-2021 9-12 Educational Planning Guide and 2020-2021 Course Survey on the Greenwich Junior-Senior High School website.  To access these important documents you need to go to .  


  • Once you have reviewed the EPG and filled out the Course Survey worksheet, you should contact Mrs. Brenda Facin in the Counseling Office at 518-692-9542 extension 6600 or by email  When you contact Mrs. Facin you will agree to one of the following courses of action.


  • Choice 1: 


If you are good with your course selections and do not think that you need to schedule a meeting, then you can send an email to your child’s counselor with either a picture/photo of the filled out course survey form OR a list of the courses that you/your child wants to take next year.  They could also call their counselor and leave a voicemail with their selections.


Choice 2:


If your family would like to discuss options with your school counselor, you will contact Mrs. Facin and provide her with 3 times/dates during which you/your family could be available for a phone conference with their school counselor.  All 15 minute time slots will need to be between the hours of 8:30am and 2:30pm, Monday-Friday. Mrs. Facin will then contact the applicable counselor and schedule a phone conference. Mrs. Facin will then contact you and let you know when the phone conference will take place.


  • Once our school counselor has a completed course survey from a family, they will review the selections and the information will be entered into our student information system (SchoolTool) using the same process that we normally do.  Once we have inputted all of our student’s course selections, we will begin the process of “running” the master schedule (this usually takes place in June). During this process our school counselors will be contacting those students/families regarding “conflicts” in their requests and working to resolve them as best as we can (this is the same process we use every year).  


PLEASE NOTE:  “Conflicts” are when two or more of the courses requested by a student are going to occur during the some period and, therefore, the student must prioritize which course they want to take.   


On behalf of the Counseling Office, I want to thank you all in advance for your willingness to be flexible during this process.  If/when you have a question or concern we ask that you contact either Mrs. Facin, your school counselor, or me. We know that when we maintain open lines of communication we will likely be able to develop solutions to issues that arise.




George Niesz

7-12 Principal  

Greenwich Building Access

Based on an order issued today by NY Governor Cuomo, at this time all buildings on the Greenwich campus will be closed to all but identified, essential staff.

If you have a need for something at the school, please call ahead to schedule a pick up from an essential staff member.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Message from Principal Niesz on Internet Service

Good afternoon.  I am contacting you today with a couple of quick items that we hope might help your family stay connected with their teachers during the current school shutdown.
First, you may have heard that Spectrum is offering FREE internet service to students/families during this crisis. 

Here is the web site and phone number that you can use to contact Spectrum (our understanding is that a parent must contact Spectrum).

Second, we want to let our families know that students can also access the internet (for free) using a school Chromebook by coming to campus and parking near the Middle Grade building.  We know that this is not convenient, but it does allow a student to connect with their teacher(s) in the event that they don’t have the ability at home.

Thank you and be well!

George Niesz
7-12 Principal


Essential Workers in Greenwich CSD

Essential workers preparing and delivering student meals in Greenwich.  Thank you for all you are doing for our kids!

Health Care Worker / First Responder Childcare Parent Survey

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 202.4 issued on Monday, March 16, school districts in NYS are required to establish and submit plans for the care of children of essential Health Care Workers and First Responders. This survey will assist us in determining the needs that exist within our community so that we and our community childcare partners can be as responsive as possible in assisting our families.

If you identify as a Health Care Worker of First Responder as defined below, please respond to the survey .

We thank you in advance for your help gathering this information.

Please respond to this survey by March 25th at the latest.

Meal Survey

As we plan long term, the Greenwich Central School District will look at providing free meals, both breakfast and lunch, for all students. The district has developed a survey which can be found on the district’s website on the food service page.  If you wish to opt into this service, please complete the survey so we know the number of meals we need to prepare and for delivery and pickup options.  If you would like to participate but can not access the survey , please call  our food service director at (518) 692-9542 ext. 6900 or the school business office at ext. 6803.  Thank you.



A message from the Greenwich Counseling Office 

A Message from the Greenwich Counseling Office:
These unprecedented times, break in routine, increased unexpectedness and underlying concern for the future are challenging for us all…and especially challenging for those of us managing mental health. Paying attention, and giving time and recognition, to feelings of stress and worry is very important. While the ‘old faithfuls’ are always at the top of the self-care list (healthy diet, staying active, getting outside and good sleep) the counseling office has also put together a few tips and resources for you and family at

Greenwich Food Plan

Thank you to our great kitchen staff and transportation crew.  Today they helped to launch phase one of our Greenwich Food Plan, implemented because of the current emergency school closing in New York State.  The Greenwich CSD will deliver student breakfast and lunch for two days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The district’s intent is to feed all students in need of this service.  Tomorrow (3/18/20) a survey will be launched to all families regarding phase two.

If you would like to opt in (or out) of this plan please complete the survey.  Questions may be directed to the school’s business office at 518-692-9542.


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