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Greenwich 3rd Grade Art

From Mrs. Hamilton:

Look at these beautiful 3rd Grade foil embossing projects!

We are loving spring in the art room!

The Greenwich Central School “Beyond the Call of Duty” Award

The Greenwich Central School “Beyond the Call of Duty” Award – April 2019
The faculty of the Junior High at Greenwich Central School is proud to announce this month’s winner’s of the BTCOD Award. The “Beyond the Call of Duty” recognition is given each month to students in the 7th and 8th grades who have demonstrated a keen enthusiasm, work ethic and desire to succeed…while being kind, patient and helpful to others. It is helping the school become a better place…by helping us in  “Cultivating the Future” for our valuable youth. This months’s honorees include:
(l. to r.) Lindsey Kurz (7th), Marcus Littell (7th), Parker Jamieson (8th), Reece Saunders (8th), Kaitlyn Lavoo (8th)

Greenwich Kindness Club News

Kindness Club catching people throughout school who “spread kindness like confetti” 

Kindness Club creating inspirational quotes and drawings outside the front of Greenwich School 
Kindness Club creating inspirational quotes and drawings outside the front of Greenwich School

GCS Business students attend SUNY Adirondack Professional Skills Lunch

GCS Business students attend SUNY Adirondack Professional Skills Lunch

Seven students made up of agribusiness students and FBLA officers from the Greenwich Central School attended the 1st SUNY Adirondack Professional Skills Lunch sponsored by the SUNY Adirondack Business Club.

The luncheon was attended by over 100 high school and college students, mentors from the community and college faculty and staff. The luncheon started with introductions and welcomes from John Arpey, SUNY Adirondack Business Department Chair and Kristine Duffy, SUNY Adirondack President. Students had speakers for the day on the ‘7 Second Impression’ and ‘Proper Meal Etiquette’ before enjoying a buffet lunch at the conference center at the college. After lunch, students learned about ‘Interview Techniques’ and ‘Using Social Media to your Advantage’. The day was very successful with the overall theme being ways that students either high school or college can better themselves and to help their transition from scholar to success in the workplace.

The following students attended with their teacher and advisor Christine Belden:

Madelyn Brophy, Alyssa Bigness, Lauren DeSorbe, Ian Merrill, Jakob Niles, Haley Spiezio ,Jenna Wilbur.

Pictured: Alyssa Bigness, Haley Spiezio, Madelyn Brophy, Jakob Niles, Ian Merrill, Jenna Wilbur and Lauren DeSorbe.

Greenwich Central School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll 2018-2019

Greenwich Central School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll 2018-2019


High Honors – 89.5 and above


7th Grade: Molly Abate, Kiley Allen, Emilee Archer, Sydney Baptie, Jennifer Barbur, Seth Boddery, Sophia Boice, Nicholas Campbell, Noah Davis, Jackson Fortier, Alexis Herbst, Brodie Hunt, Caroline Kelly, Keira Kirk, Honora LaRock, Marcus Littell, Hunter Logan, Kylie Lundberg, Elizabeth Marci, Allison McQueen, Evan Merrill, Esther Moore, Lily Nichols, James Perry, Kelsy Smith, Gwenyth Smyth, Lipsha Stark, Eli Strasswimmer, Sophia Tomczak, Dorothy VanPelt, Aidan Waite, Simone Waters, Tyler Willetts

8th Grade: Catherine Abate, Aidan Armitage, Reese Autiello, Bailey Bain, Alexander Baker, Nathaniel Baker, Kyra Balentine, Bradley Brophy, Kaydance Brownell, Kathryn Campbell, Keegan Collins, Megan Cross, Blake Demianenko, MacKenzie Dixson, Matthew Epstine, Graham Genevick, Joshua Ginart, Ava Hamilton, Dutch Hamilton, Aidan Jones, Declan Kelleher, Maeve Kelleher, Kaitlyn Lavoo, Antonia Levitas, Kadyn MacNeil, Mia Manera, McKenzie Manney, Grace McFarren, Carrie Mueller, Jessica Newell, Norah Niesz, Pablo Palacios, Zoe Perkins, Morgan Randall, Rhiley Sausville, Sarah Schmitt, Autumn Sequin, Kathryn Snell, Jocelyn Spiezio, Roxy Vanderhoff, Christian VanDoren, Matthew White, Teagan Wright, Jacob Ziehm

9th Grade:  Gavin Blair, Danielle Boyea, Madigan Carner, Nadia Chincola, Lauren Chuhta, Tayler Cristaldi, Lola Davidson, Hunter Dixson, Mary Estramonte, Shea Fortier, Emma French, Ciarrah Hebert, Gareth Hill, Alexandra Holmes, Faith Ingber, Jackson Javurek, Katie Larmon, Francesca Levitas, Lauren Marci, Ellery Mays, Lily McCauliffe, Caitlyn McClay, Aidan McPhail, Molly Morse-Belcher, Lily Peck, Jordynn Perry, Alexis Seacord, Nina Sgambelluri, Emily Skiff, Ryan Skiff, Alyssa Spiezio, Peter Stone, Olivia Strope, Garrett Wardwell, Zachary Wiss, Kylie Young, Haley Zanella

10th Grade: Aydin Bain, Skyler Balentine, Molly Brophy, Madelyn Carney, George Denaker, Damien Dubois, David Gabriel, Charles Gartner, William Hamilton, Faith Hewitt, Ramona Jordan, Kyle Karp, Sydney Loveland, Julian Mattison, Tess Merrill, Dillon Niles, Jake Owens, Nicholas Rodd, Rebecca Schmitt, Austin Smith, Connor Smith, Isabelle Solan, Abigail Sova, Sophia Traver, Tyler Ziehm

11th Grade:  Thomas Abate, Aidan Abernathy, Erin Armitage, Colin Bouchard, Madelyn Brophy, Damon Brownell, Quinn Collins, Emma Cronin, Joseph Dziewulski, Cody Fortin, Henry Gartner, Matthew Ginart, Callagh Mays, Adam Newell, Liam Niesz, Grant Peck, Connor Record, Carly Rogers, Ryan Sequin, Brooke Smith, Arianna Spiezio, Jaydah Talmadge, Jennifer Wilbur, Brooke Wright, Brynne Wright, Michael Wright, James Young, Jeremy Zanella

12th Grade:  Gabriel Anthony, Hope Billings, Reed Boduch, Ryan Brownell, Evan Carpenter, Yanary Champagnie, Penelope Crawford, Lucia D’Acchille, Georgiana Douglas, Mary Gallaway, Annabel Gregg, Ashley Gwin, Peyton Howard, Eliza Jordan, Liam Kelleher, Madison Loveland, Jack Lundberg, Kylee Masse, Amber Mattison, Daniel Newell, Maggie O’Connor, Nicholas Pett, Emily Reiszel, Avery Smith, Olivia Snell, Jennifer Sprague, John Walsh, Carrissa Wardwell




Honors – 84.- 89.4


Grade 7:  Noah Bosford, Matthew Conlin, Sara Douglas, Jack Godfrey, Miguel Gonzalez, Meena Koudelka, Lindsey Kurz, Allison Michel, Anthony Perry, Joshua Poovey, Adrianna Rojas, Mia Sausville, Paul Sievers, Grant Traver

Grade 8:  Kiersten Alling, Erica Bennett, Derek Bohley, Elizabeth Coltey, Maya Gobin, Claudia Hall, Anna Harrington, Benjamin Holmes, Colin Hughes, Christopher Kuzmich, Megan Randall, Arana Reyes, Reece Saunders, McKenna Smith, Sarah Todd, Gabriel Waite, Brian Wells Jr.

Grade 9:  Samuel Andrews, Matthew Bink, Finn Brletich, Emilia Esteban-Tomas, Kyra Littlecreek-Murphy, Nicholas Marci, Jenna Olmert, Katelyn Rogers Haylee Simmons, Madison Snell

Grade 10:  Madeline Baker, Tristan Bass, Ashton Brodowsky, Cole Brown, Alexander Curtis, Bruce Gregg, Jenna Hogan, Ryan Jones, Andrew LeBarron, Allison Lundberg, Travis Michel, Isaac Sievers, Dylan Skiff, Jackson Vanderhoff

Grade 11: Christopher Albrecht, Alyssa Bigness, Cody Brice, Isabella Cary, Liv Cederstrom, Maya Dean, Hannah Elsworth, Joshua Epstine, Zachary Flory, Katrina Hall, Dale Hayes, Samuel Howard, Keilana MacNeil, Lauren Maines, Gabriel Mann, James Ostrowski, Luke Pemrick, Andrew Rymph, Trinity Sanders, Lillian Smith, Mollie Stalter, Emiy Steltz, Jenna Wilbur

Grade 12:  Hunter Bullard, Lauren DeSorbe, Maximus Dixson, Courtney Fraher, Phillip Grimes, Marquita Gutasy, Jessica May, Tyler Murray, Jakob Niles, Helen Smith, Robert Spear, Sara Stewart, Matthew Telesco-

DEC Announces Pharmaceutical Take Back Program

New York State”s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)  Pilot Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program provides the general public a safe and convenient means of disposing of their unwanted medications in an environmentally responsible manner.  By doing so, the DEC is also taking proactive steps to combat the opioid epidemic that is plaguing many of our communities across the state.  There is a DEC-sponsored medication collection kiosk located at the Greenwich Police Department.

Greenwich Medicaiton Return Poster

Middle-Level Education- Getting It Right!


Middle-Level Education- Getting It Right!

The 17th Annual NYS Middle School Association Middle-Level Institute is returning to Upstate New York for the seventh year at the state-of-the-art Hudson Valley Community College Tec-Smart Facility.

This remains the professional development opportunity that you cannot afford to miss!


Participants will select one of four workshops being offered by expert practitioners and will receive eleven hours of CTLE-approved professional development in effective, research-based middle–level instruction and programming.  Again this year, each session will be explicitly aligned to the Board of Regents’ Priorities to ensure that all NYS students are “college and career ready upon graduation.


We understand the important role that middle-level educators play in preparing our students for college and careers, and our workshop offerings are designed to support middle-level educators in that role.


The $400 registration fee includes:

  • 11 hours of professional development aligned with SED’s Essential Elements of Standards-Focused Middle-Level Schools and Programs, the NYS Learning Standards, and NYS Board of Regents’ Priorities;
  • Monday and Tuesday breakfast and lunch;
  • A Monday evening networking reception at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs.

Participants will select ONE of the following 2-day workshops:


Session 1 – Using Restorative Practices to Build Relationships, Community, and Trust at the Middle Level


Tim Dawkins, Assistant Superintendent/Former MS Principal, South Glens Falls CSD

Pete Mody, High School Principal, South Glens Falls CSD

Amy Totino, Middle School Assistant Principal, Maple Ave MS, Saratoga Springs CSD

Consistent, valuable, and meaningful communication between adults and students at the middle level in the 21st Century can be a challenge, especially in the era of smartphones, selfies, and social media. One approach that offers promise for educators looking to build relationships through dialogue is Restorative Practices. The restorative approach in schools is gaining traction both nationally and internationally. This model of addressing harm caused by poor choices while working together as a group to ensure the harm does not re-occur strengthens the belief that schools cannot function in a climate of non-communication.

Participants Will:

· Learn about three types of harm: physical, emotional, and community, and how to talk about them with students and families;

· Discuss the similarities and differences between a restorative conferencing approach to discipline and a restorative circle-based classroom, and how these two models work together;

· Engage in actual community-building circle work, including the use of talking pieces and restorative language and problem-solving;

· Leave connected to a group of educators on the cutting edge of modes of communication and harm repair at the middle level



Session 2 – Tools and Strategies for Deep Learning at the Middle Level


Dr. Harvey Silver, President, Silver Strong Associates

The middle-school years are a time of significant change for our students: the content becomes far more rigorous; the design of the school day changes from the elementary model that students are accustomed to; and students are at an age when it is more difficult than ever to capture and hold their attention.

So, how do middle-level educators respond?  How do we engage our students in deep learning while developing the thinking skills and habits of mind they’ll need to succeed in high school, college, and life?  In this high-impact session, renowned instructional expert Dr. Harvey Silver will show participants how to design and deliver high-quality instruction that speaks to the developmental needs of middle-level learners and prepares them for their academic futures.

Participants will:

· Learn a set of classroom-ready instructional tools to increase student engagement from the award-winning series, Tools for Today’s Educators;

· Identify the most important thinking skills that middle-level students need to develop and learn tools for building these skills in any classroom;

· Learn a simple instructional design framework that balances the goals of meeting content demands, engaging students, and developing critical thinking skills;

· Develop a set of ready-to-use instructional designs for their classroom or school.



Session 3 – Inside the Lives of Instagram and Snapchat Kids: Understanding their world and how it affects your classroom


Ronna Glickman

Former Home & Career Skills Teacher, Williamsville CSD

Founder of

How have our students changed since social media has taken over their lives? Are students getting tougher to teach by their attitudes and behaviors? Since digital ‘drama’ is a major part of middle-level students’ lives, we, as teachers and administrators, need to know what is going on in their lives and how their stress relates to their classroom performance.

This interactive class will explore:

· SnapChat, Instagram, and Tik Toc;

· Mental Health and Social Media—Impact and Isolation;

· Social Media Addiction and the Brain;

· Cyberbullying;

· Sexting and Sextortion;

· Dangerous Apps

· Dangers of Cell Phone Use

· What the middle-level kids are saying.

Bring stories to share about any of the topics above. Participants will leave with a plethora of resources in the form of videos, books, and articles.


Session 4 – Wondering How to Address the Essential Elements of Standards-Focused ML Schools and Programs?  Wonder No More!

Dr. David Payton, Retired NYSED Supervisor of Middle-Level Education

David Vroman, MS Teacher, AA Kingston MS, an EE:STW

Brian Sherman, Retired Superintendent and MS PRincipal; EE:STW Co-Director


The Essential Elements of Standards-Focused ML Schools and Programs had its genesis in the first Board of Regents Policy Statement on Middle-Level Education (1989).  It is a valuable resource for teaching young adolescents effectively and meeting their unique developmental needs.   This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to introduce or reintroduce the Essential Elements to your faculty. Strategies will be shared, discussed, and experienced that will assist your faculty in understanding the school improvement value of the  Essential Elements.

Participants will learn:

  • How the Essential Elements can be used to reflect on the best ML practices in your building;
  • How to identify gaps in meeting the unique needs of young adolescents;
  • How to use ML survey data to develop appropriate action steps;
  • strategies to support ML school improvement.

This session will get you moving in the right direction to implement an effective middle-level program.  Participants will receive a bound handbook with instructions for each of the activities.


For more conference information, please contact Linda Ruest, NYSMSA Conference Director, at

NYSED Office of Curriculum and InstructionRoles Responsibilities and Resources

NYSED Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Roles Responsibilities and Resources

OverviewOffice of Curriculum and Instruction (1) (1)

The New York State Education Department is responsible for setting student learning expectations (standards) for what all students should know and be able to do as a result of skilled instruction. Each local school district develops curricula based on these established standards.  The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is the public face of the learning standards for NYSED.  The responsibility of the Curriculum Office is to lead the ongoing work of standards development review and revision with stakeholders from across NY, and to  provide resources and technical assistance to districts as they develop and implement curriculum and instructional practices designed to allow students to meet those learning standards

The Curriculum Team consists of Associates in Instructional Services in the various content areas.  These staff members hold professional certification in their respective content areas and have a minimum of five years teaching experience in their field.  They have in depth knowledge and expertise in both instruction and the learning standards in their specific area.   In areas where the learning standards have been reviewed and revised the Curriculum Associates have led that work with stakeholders from across NY.

Curriculum Content Areas and Resources Available on the Curriculum Office Website

·         English Language Arts

·         Math, Science and Technology Education (MST)

·         The Arts

·         Languages other than English


·         Social Studies

·         Health, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science

·         CDOS

All of the content areas above have a page on the Curriculum website that houses the current standards related to the content as well as vast array of resources related to the content.

Teacher Centers

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction acts as the program office for the statewide network of Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers, Regional Networks, Standing Committees and statewide projects. The program office provides oversight, leadership, and guidance to this Teacher Center network on the grant application process, as well as a wide variety of topics related to NYS learning Standards and school improvement.

Other Programs Initiatives and Resources:

Other initiatives overseen by the office of Curriculum and Instruction include

·         New York State Program and Diploma Requirements under Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations

·         Multiple Pathways

·         Transfer Student Information

·         Middle Level Education Initiatives including:

o   The Essential Elements Schools to Watch Program

o   The Statewide Network of Middle Level Liaisons

·         The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

·         AP/IB Fee Waiver Program

·         Awards Programs including:

o   Teacher of the Year Program

o   Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

o   Louis E. Yavner Teaching and Citizen Awards

o   United States Senate Youth Award-Scholarship

o   Helen Bach Moss Memorial Better Beginnings Award

o   New York State Teacher of the Year

o   National Youth Science Camp

o   New York State Archives – Student Research Awards

o   New York State Science Olympiad


School Bus Drivers Wanted

School Bus Driver: Part time positions with benefits are available.  Training is provided. For application and further information contact Treavor LeBlanc, Transportation Supervisor (518) 692-9542 ext. 6401. Greenwich Central School District, Greenwich, NY EOE.

More STEM in Grade 2

Mrs Davis-Barron was a mystery reader and she brought in a STEM activity to tie in to our simple machine unit

2nd Grade STEM and Literacy in Greenwich

Mrs Talkington came in to read as a mystery reader and brought a STEM activity to tie in to our unit on simple machines. Students did a structural engineering activity.

Greenwich FFA hosts 30th Annual Farm Toy Show

March 23, 2019


Greenwich FFA hosts 30th Annual Farm Toy Show

Over 600 people traveled to Greenwich, New York for the 30th Annual FFA Farm Toy Show.  The gym was packed with exhibitors, the media center was bursting with auction items, the halls were filled with excited children waiting their turn for the pedal pull and the FFA Cafe was bustling with business. Over two dozen FFA members, along with many community volunteers put on a very successful Farm Toy Show event on Saturday, March 23, 2019. FFA members made sure there was fun to be had by each and every person.


Linda Germain, James McClay and Ed and Jane Savage were welcomed back to the FFA Farm Toy Show. Mrs. Germain with the assistance of then Agriculture teacher, James McClay, started this event thirty years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Savage were recognized for exhibiting every year for the past thirty years. Sadly, the Savages announced that this was the last show they and we would like to thank them for all of the contributions they have made to the show over the last three decades.


Best of Show was won by Cliff Allison who traveled from New Jersey to exhibit at the show.   Ryan Armitage won Best Student display. Andrew Kalbfliesh won Best Tractor Display. Todd Rossi won Best Collection. Congratulations to Ms. Brenda Lee Saunders, as she was the winner of the John Deere Model A tractor raffle. Greenwich FFA would like to thank the exhibitors for supporting us year after year-  we couldn’t do it without you!

Chairman, Nick Pett, Founder Linda Germain, Original Ag Teacher James McClay with Ed and Jane Savage.

Washington County Selects New Dairy Princess

April 2, 2019
Washington County Selects New Dairy Princess
Five individuals with a connection to the Washington County Dairy Industry have stepped up to
run for the Washington County Dairy Princess team. The new princess and her court will be
selected on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at the 1925 Barn in Hudson Falls. The event will start with a
punch and cheese reception at 1:30 p.m. followed by the luncheon at 2:00 p.m. The new team
will work hard to promote the largest industry in Washington County by promoting the fact that
not only is dairy a healthy product, but it is also produced locally in New York State 365 days a
year by farmers who work hard to protect the environment and care for the animal’s well-being.
Tickets may be purchased for $20 by contacting Suszyne Burch at
or by texting (518)639-1019. Ambassadors will receive a complimentary ticket to the pageant.





March 26, 2019 Saratoga, New York – Greenwich Central School District is one of 156 school districts and Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) in New York State to receive the Utica National Insurance Group’s “School Safety Excellence Award” for 2019 at the Titanium with Honors level.


The honor is presented annually and recognizes school districts’ safety efforts as they work to help keep students, staff and visitors safe.  Greenwich Central School District received its award at Utica National’s 39th annual school safety seminar at the Saratoga Hilton/City Center, Saratoga Springs, NY one of seven such seminars the company hosts in the state.  For over 40 years Utica National has kept kids and school staff safe and currently insures more than 300 school districts in upstate New York alone.


Greenwich Central School District Officials accepted a certificate to commemorate the district’s safety efforts and a $500 award for use in furthering those efforts from Utica National representatives.


Utica National’s School Safety Excellence Award Program has three levels – titanium, platinum, and gold – in which schools can earn a meritorious distinction by meeting specific criteria to enhance overall safety.  Through the program, schools with their own transportation, schools with contract transportation, and BOCES are evaluated.  Categories covered include bullying prevention programs, playground safety and other areas, and are measured using specific quantifiable surveys.


“Safety and health concerns continue to be a priority in our school districts,” explained Brian Saville, Resident Senior Vice President in Utica National’s Educational Institutions Unit.  “Districts that go ‘above and beyond’ to provide safe, healthy and focused culture for learning are to be applauded, and we’re pleased to count Greenwich Central School District among them.”


Mr. Saville noted that, beyond the recognition itself, an added benefit of following the safety program is the chance to pinpoint specific threats to safety.  “The time to address those threats is before a loss happens, which really helps contribute to the safety culture that districts are working toward.”


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