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Holmes Breaks RPS New England Bench Press Reccord

Greenwich Central HS sophomore powerlifter, Alex Holmes, competed at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate’s Christmas in the Jungle meet and delivered an RPS New England record.
Holmes, 15, bench-pressed 115 lbs in the 148 lb weight class for 14 and 15 year-old girls, breaking the old record by 40 lbs. Her weight lifting coach, Pat Morris, noted: “ Powerlifting rules are different than regular, recreational lifting. Alex can bench 130 lbs. when just lowering and raising the bar, but powerlifting rules require that you lower the bar on the “bench” command and pause at the bottom of the lift until you are given the “press” command to lift the weight off of your chest. Alex trained for months and in this, her first powerlifting meet, she performed like a champion. She hit all of her goals for the meet.” Prior to the 115 lb. record lift, she successfully lifted 105 lbs and
110 lbs in her first two lifts.
Alex will now begin her indoor track and field season for GCS as a pole-vaulter and thrower.
Photo Caption: GCS Powerlifter Alex Holmes with parents Beth and Chris Holmes

Jacy Good and Steve Johnson present to Greenwich High School Students
About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Jacy Good and her husband, Steve Johnson, recently presented to sophomores, juniors and seniors from Greenwich High School on the dangers of distracted driving.  Jacy and Steve discussed their very personal experience with distracted driving.  The following is an excerpt from the Hang Up and Drive web site that highlights Jacy and Steve’s story.

We met the day in August 2004 that we both moved into a dorm as freshman at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. After 3½ fantastic years together we approached our May 2008 graduation day ready for “real life” to begin. Steve was set to enter the banking world while Jacy had landed a dream job through AmeriCorps to be a team leader for Habitat For Humanity. We had plans for our careers as well as our lives together, but just hours after receiving our diplomas we were thrust into a world of terror, uncertainty, and overwhelming sadness.

About halfway back to her childhood home in Lancaster, PA the car carrying Jacy and her parents was struck head-on by a tractor trailer as both entered an intersection with green lights. The truck had swerved to try to avoid a man coming from the intersecting road who attempted to turn left through a red light. That man was talking on his phone at the time.

Jacy’s parents never left the scene but an astounding series of fortunate events and unequaled medical care kept Jacy alive in the crumpled car, the ambulance ride, and through 8 ½ hours of surgery. She was given just a 10% chance of survival as she lay comatose and nearly unrecognizable in intensive care that first night. Steve spent 12 hours a day by her side through four months of hospitalization. Jacy’s laundry list of injuries have managed to heal through time (and a healthy dose of titanium rods, plates, and screws) but due to a traumatic brain injury she is unable to use her left arm or lower leg and has minor lingering cognitive issues.

Less than a year after that life-altering tragedy Jacy began to campaign for a cell phone ban in her native Pennsylvania. This unexpectedly triggered an avalanche of interview requests and public appearances and since April 2010 Jacy has been on The Oprah Winfrey Show, a guest of Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at the United Nations, a “Hero Among Us” in People Magazine, a speaker at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, on NPR’s Car Talk, and been featured in dozens of articles, television news pieces, and press conferences nationwide. You may also have seen her on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress and in January 2015 Jacy was profiled on CNN’s The Human Factor. A PSA through AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign went viral, with over 300 million views across social media.

It was early in this amazing journey that we realized our story could impact and potentially save lives and since 2011 we have spoken at over 1,000 events across the world to well over 300,000 people, encouraging the public to make safer choices, companies to develop and enforce cell phone policies, and legislators to put in place the necessary laws to protect the public.

Jacy and Steve were brought to Greenwich as part of the Hang Up and Drive program (the presentation was paid for through a grant).  This is the second time that Jacy has spoken in Greenwich (the first time was in 2014).

Jacy Good tells her story.

Greenwich students listen to Jacy and Steve share their message about the dangers of distracted driving.

Steve Johnson

Greenwich Central School 1st Quarter Honor Roll 2019-2020

High Honors – 89.5 and above

7th Grade: Ava Aierstok, Esmeralda Alvarado, Max Anatriello, Grace Autiello, William Bain, Chloe Bentzen, Eli Buretea-Bloom, Allison Chuhta, Madalynn Curley, Calvin Curtis, Arjen Davidson, Brooke Demianenko, Serena Drost, Morgan Foster, Avery Graves, Joseph Hunter, Luke Javurek, Leo Jordan, Olive Magowan, Colby McCauliffe, Brenden McClay, Samuel Palacios, Kaelyn Phillips, Joseph Radovich Jr., Jack Saunders, Joseph Skiff, Kayla Stewart, Morgan Stone, Addison Truax, Erik Wade, Jade Winters

Grade 8: Molly Abate, Kiley Allen, Sydney Baptie, Jennifer Barbur, Seth Boddery, Sophia Boice, Nicholas Campbell, Matthew Conlin, Noah Davis, Sara Douglas, Bella Ford, Jackson Fortier, Alexis Herbst, Brodie Hunt, Caroline Kelly, Keira Kirk, Meena Koudelka, Honora LaRock, Marcus Littell, Hunter Logan, Kylie Lundberg, Elizabeth Marci, Allison McQueen, Evan Merrill, Allison Michel, Esther Moore, Lily Nichols, James Perry, Joshua Poovey, Adrianna Rojas, Kelsy Smith, Gwenyth Smyth, Eli Strasswimmer, Sophia Tomczak, Dorothy Van Pelt, Simone Waters

Grade 9: Catharine Abate, Aidan Armitage, Reese Autiello, Bailey Bain, Alexander Baker, Nathaniel Baker, Kyra Balentine, Bradley Brophy, Kaydance Brownell, Kathryn Campbell, Keegan Collins, Megan Cross, MacKenzie Dixson, Graham Genevick, Joshua Ginart, Maya Gobin, Claudia Hall, Ava Hamilton, Dutch Hamilton, Aidan Jones, Declan Kelleher, Maeve Kelleher, Kaitlyn Lavoo, Kadyn MacNeil, McKenzie Manney, Grace McFarren, Carrie Mueller, Jessica Newell, Norah Niesz, Pablo Palacios, Zoe Perkins, Morgan Randall, Rhiley Sausville, Sarah Schmitt, Autumn Sequin, Kathryn Snell, Jocelyn Spiezio, Sarah Todd, Roxy Vanderhoff, Brian Wells Jr., Matthew White, Teagan Wright, Jacob Ziehm

Grade 10: Gavin Blair, Danielle Boyea, Madigan Carner, Lauren Chuhta, Andrew Conlin, Tayler Cristaldi, Lola Davidson, Hunter Dixson, Shea Fortier, Emma French, Ciarrah Hebert, Gareth Hill, Alexandra Holmes, Faith Ingber, Kyra Littlecreek-Murphy, Lauren Marci, Nicholas Marci, Ellery Mays, Lily McCauliffe, Caitlyn McClay, Aidan McPhail, Molly Morse-Belcher, Jenna Olmert, Lilly Peck, Jordynn Perry, Emily Scieszka, Alexis Seacord, Nina Sgambelluri, Emily Skiff, Ryan Skiff, Madison Snell, Alyssa Spiezio, Clyde Van Pelt, Garrett Wardwell, Zachary Wiss, Kylie Young

Grade 11: Cole Brown, George Denaker, Audra Dubois, Damien Dubois, David Gabriel, Charles Gartner, William Hamilton, Ryan Jones, Ramona Jordan, Kyle Karp, Olivia Kranner, Sydney Loveland, Julian Mattison, Tess Merrill, Jake Owens, Nicholas Rodd, Austin Smith, Sophia Traver, Kiara Vasquez

Grade 12: Thomas Abate, Aidan Abernathy, Christopher Albrecht, Faith Alheim, Erin Armitage, Alyssa Bigness, Colin Bouchard, Cody Brice, Madelyn Brophy, Eric Brown, Damon Brownell, Quinn Collins, Emma Cronin, Hannah Elsworth, Henry Gartner, Matthew Ginart, Kaden Hall, Dale Hayes, Samuel Howard, Daniel Lucia, Keilana MacNeil, Lauren Maines, Gabriel Mann, Callagh Mays, Rachel Mueller, Adam Newell, Grant Peck, Connor Record, Carly Rogers, Andrew Rymph, Ryan Sequin, Brooke Smith, Lillian Smith, Arianna Spiezio, Mollie Stalter, Emily Steltz, Jaydah Talmadge, Shauna Wasielewski, Jennifer Wilbur, Sayaka Wilbur, Brooke Wright Brynne Wright, Michael Wright, Hannah Zeno

Honors – 84.- 89.4

Grade 7: John Carnett, Alexander Cary, Rio Davidson, Emery DuBois, Abel Garcia, Ryan Hughes, William Kelly, Lillian Knapp, Isabella LaWare, Garrit Lundberg, Finnegan Morse-Belcher, Nicholas Record, Jameson Rickets, Julia Sgambelluri, Cooper Skiff, Alyssa St. Mary

Grade 8: Noah Bosford, Elizabeth Darrow, Christopher Doughty, Jack Godfrey, Lindsey Kurz, Cameron Meaker, Mia Sausville, Paul Sievers, Lipsha Stark, Dominic Stevens, Grant Traver, Aidan Waite

Grade 9: Kiersten Alling, Erica Bennett, Megan Cronin, Blake Demianenko, Matthew Epstine, Anna Harrington, Colin Hughes, Parker Jamieson, Mia Manera, Arana Reyes, Reece Saunders, Kiera Seney, Evan Smith, Christian VanDoren, John Wade, Joelle Webb

Grade 10: Ethan Banfield, Reagan Bittel, John Byrnes IV, Nadia Chincola, Luke Demianenko, Mary Estramonte, Owen Keech, Jesse Kuzmich, Katie Larmon, Christopher Martindale-Sprague, Sophia Record, Haylee Simmons, Olivia Strope, Jaron Wolff, Haley Zanella

Grade 11: Aydin Bain, Katriel Baker, Madeline Baker, Skyler Balentine, Tristan Bass, Hannah Bates, Ashton Brodowsky, Madelyn Carney, Emma Darrow, Zethra Davis-Barron, Trinity Douglas, Jarryd Grimes, Ryan Hawrysz, Faith Hewitt, Allison Lundberg, Travis Michel, Trevor Murray, Dillon Niles, Arianna Peroni, Lauren Reynolds, Isaac Sievers, Dylan Skiff, Isabelle Solan, Benjamin Sova, Jackson Vanderhoff, Madison Wolff, Tyler Ziehm

Grade 12: William Britton, Liv Cederstrom, Joseph Darrow, Maya Dean, Joseph Dziewulski, Joshua Epstine, Cody Fortin, Liam Kennedy, Liam Niesz, Trinity Sanders, Haley Spiezio, Jenna Wilbur, James Young, Jeremy Zanella

Flu Guidelines from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
has released the following informational brochures regarding the flu and 2009 H1N1 strain.

FBLA Fundraiser Offers Greenwich Pictures Online

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