NOTICE: On or about August 1st GCSD will switch to a more intuitive and streamlined request system called…

We have been working with the good folks at Master Library Software since early May in hopes of making this transition as seamless as possible.

GCSD is now taking all facility usage requests ONLINE
through FS (Facility Schedule) Direct from School Dude!!


We will no longer approve any non-administrative event requests for dates more than three months in advance.

The reason being that there are frequently a number of school functions
where actual dates and times are unknown beyond that time frame.

Going forward, if you submit a request for a date more than three months in the future,
the event will be declined and you will need to resubmit the request inside the 3 month window.

We appreciate your cooperation in this process.

GCSD staff should proceed to the Staff Resources page to submit a request and view further instructions.
Community groups should click here to submit requests or to enroll if you don’t already have an account for your group.

Documentation and Help Files For Community Groups

* When requesting parking lot usage ONLY, please select ‘Parking Lot(s)’ for the Location…
* When requesting field usage, please use the designations in the diagram below…