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NYSDOH Lead Testing In School Drinking Water 2020

March 2020 Lead Water Testing Locations – Primary Building

March 2020 Lead Water Test Reports – Primary Building

March 2020 Lead Water Testing Locations – Middle Grade Building

March 2020 Lead Water Test Reports – Middle Grade Building

Director of Facilities: Ronald Nicholson

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518-692-9542  Ext. 6403



James Brandt: Maintenance Worker
Charley Mabb: Maintenance Worker
Jamie Tedford – Maintenance

Primary Building

Tina Sorel – 1st Shift Cleaner
Robin Linendoll – 2nd Shift Cleaner
Randy Tjarks – 2nd Shift Cleaner

Middle Grade Building

Karen Sprague – 1st Shift Custodian
William Wilson – 2nd Shift Custodian
Crystal Wheat – 2nd Shift Cleaner
Micah Banfield – 2nd Shift Cleaner

High School Building

Heather Rohde – 1st Shift Custodian
Brian Edsforth- 1st Shift Custodian
Eugene Spiezo – 2nd Shift Custodian
Sandy McReynolds – 2nd Shift Custodian
Clayton Bishop – 2nd Shift Cleaner
Harold Gorman – 2nd Shift Cleaner

Green Cleaning Info

The Buildings and Grounds Department of the Greenwich Central School District, in accordance with New York State mandate GS-37 and State Ed Law 409-i purchase products that are approved through NYSOGS.
Green Cleaning does not just determine the products which we use but it encompasses how we apply them, energy consumption, etc. We use a complete set of guidelines when it comes to this mandate set forth by the State and are leaders in the area with GS-37 within Washington County.